About Santorini
Santorini is an emblematic island of Cyclades, world renowned for its majestic sunsets and the imposing caldera. A place where romance overflows, thanks to the distinctive architecture and the whitewashed buildings that seem like hanging over the steep cliffs. Surrounded by the azure waters of the Aegean Sea, Santorini boasts its vibrant nightlife and exceptional landscapes.
It is an island filled with natural beauty, a place that looks out-of-this-world that attracts thousands of travelers from all over the world. Historic sites and attractions, marvelous vistas from above overlooking the fierce volcano and the splendid archipelago – a unique holiday destination all year round in the heart of Cyclades!
Santorini is a wonderful island of Cyclades, filled with nature’s masterpieces. The volcanic eruptions ever since antiquity have shaped the island to its current form, creating an embroidered coastline that resembles no other island in the world. Lunar-shaped beaches of red, black and white compose the magical wonder of Santorini.
According to your preference, you are encouraged to visit the Red Beach (with the unique red rocks and pebbles), Kamari and Perissa (the two beautiful beaches of black sand separated by the enormous rock formation called Mesa Vouno), the secluded Cape Columbo and the White Beach, Monolithos and Vlychada, Perivolos and so many other beaches waiting to welcome you…
The wild scenery and the unique landscapes of Santorini are attributed to the intense volcanic eruptions on the island. Thousands of years ago, the volcano spread lava and formed the archipelago with the islets and Santorini. The volcanic soil is still ever-present on the island, along with the fierce caldera formations that seem to emerge from the bottom of the sea.
As soon as you set your foot on Santorini, you instantly realize that the mystical aura deriving from the volcano overwhelms you. It is a transcendental journey of the senses, a magical feeling offering singular moments on the island of Santorini…a holiday destination to treasure!
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